Working Photo Gallery

At Cannon Consulting LLC, we take pride in performing our work safely and efficiently. Please enjoy this working gallery of us on and off-site.


Clayton On-The-Move

Clayton is our go-to man for everything Survey and the guy covers a lot of ground in a day. His dedication to his profession knows no bounds and he will do what it takes to collect data accurately, safely and efficiently. Clayton makes sure your job is done right the first time.


Equipment MAINTENANCE and calibration

It's important to us to have the right equipment for your job. And it's even more important to us to make sure that the same equipment meant to complete your job is properly maintained and calibrated to maximize our performance in the field. We take time to make sure that all of our equipment will set up and run properly every time we use it.


Professionalism and Safety

We at Cannon Consulting LLC use every tool we have at our disposal to make sure the job is done professionally and safely the first time, every time. We take pride and fulfillment in our careers, and it reflects in the way we conduct ourselves in the office and in the field. The emphasis we place on safety ensures that our clients safety regulations will be followed and our our clientele will never have to worry about whether or not we are being safe.